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The two C++ classes named CSocketServer & CSocketClient are designed in order to simplify the use of the BSD Sockets.
With them, it's very easy to write networking oriented applications, servers or clients.
Theses library have been tested under GNU/Linux, and NetBSD 2.0.


In the sourceforge.net archives, you have an header file, and a C++ file.
You must first compile the .cpp for generating an objet file (.o), with the following command:
g++ -c src/CSocketServer.cpp -I../include
I've also provided a Makefile, so you can simply type make in order to compile the file.

Next, you have to include the header file in your main C++ file. You can copy the CSocketServer.h in your /usr/include directory.
After, compile you .cpp file:
g++ -c YourFile.cpp
And now link them:
g++ -o <output_name> CSocketServer.o YourFile.o
Now, you can run your program, if no errors occured during the compilation of course ;-)


You can download the tar.gz files from sourceforge.net:


Thanks for reporting bug on the sourceforge project page:


You can ask me any questions, suggestions, or others things at the following address:

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